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iPad Announcement Predictions

[box type=”warning”] Update: Wed 3/7 I just finished watching the keynote video from today’s keynote. I was 7 out of 7 on my predictions, 3 for 4 on my “long shots,” and 4 out of 4 on my negative predictions. The one item I got wrong was the name: I said it wasn’t going to be called the iPad 3 (correct) but instead the iPad HD or iPad 2 HD… wrong. Well, it has no name– it’s just the iPad. Won’t know about memory until the devices are in hand, but I may have to revise “longshots” downward by one.

Update 2: Thur 3/8 The Verge is reporting that their sources indicated a bump to 1GB of RAM did take place as I predicted. I will do a final update when my device arrives on the 16th. [/box]

I probably won’t do quite as well as my iPhone predictions from last year, but here are my predictions for tomorrow’s iPad event…

The gimme

  • Retina Display (2048 x 1536, 4X current resolution at same 9.7" size)
OK, no credit for predicting that they quadruple the resolution on the iPad... I would be stunned if this didn't occur. So that's a freebie.
What else do I expect to see tomorrow?
**The Predictions**
  • Better Camera - maybe this is wishful thinking, but it's desperately needed. (They will probably focus more energy on the rear camera, but I think this is a mistake-- the front camera is more important on this device.)
  • Updated AppleTV with 1080p output, but otherwise similar to current device
  • iPad 2 retained at a $100-150 discount from current pricing, probably with a single low (possibly reduced) storage option.
  • Current pricing retained for newly introduced devices, despite rumors of a price increase.
  • A5X dual core with beefier GPU to support retina
  • Basically the same shape, matching the parts we've seen. compatible with current smart covers and most accessories.
  • LTE on Verizon and AT&T (drool.) They can do this on the iPad because the battery is so huge that the impact would be negligible, unlike the iPhone.
**Long Shots/Extra Credit**
  • Memory bump (though I'm burned from my iPhone 4S memory bump prediction that ruined an otherwise perfect score.)
  • 1080p content in iTunes store
  • Significantly improved photo app - iPad version of either iPhoto or Aperture
  • I think they will call it the iPad HD or iPad 2HD rather than the iPad 3, but I'm less confident on this.
**Not Gunna Happen**
  • Same "home button" as before, despite rumors to the contrary
  • No A6 Quad Core
  • No big TV announcement
  • No change to the dock connector this time around
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