JRJ circa 2013

About Joseph R. Jones (JRJ)

My name is Joseph R. Jones (AKA “JRJ”) and I’m a Principal Product Manager working in Adobe’s Primetime Video team where I’m responsible for Security (cryptography, incident and vulnerability management, compliance and audits, etc.) and some new Video Compression Technologies. Most recently, I’ve had the oportunity to explore Immersive Technologies including Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

I live with my wife Rachel and my dog Loki in Pleasant Grove, UT (I was raised in Scottsdale, Arizona, and spent most of my adult life in Seattle.)

Prior to Adobe, I worked at Microsoft on security, cryptography, and incident response for products ranging from Windows to XBox. Before that, I worked in a staggering number of startups: some wildly successful, some dismal failures, all were a blast!

This site is my personal blog. It’s primarily about technology and the future, and security/privacy. However, since this is a personal blog I reserve the right to stray from these topics on a regular basis… basically whatever I’m passionate about at the moment that isn’t related to my work. (Also, since it’s a personal blog the opinions expressed are my own, and any resemblance they may have to my employer’s is purely coincidental.)

I post infrequently, typically a couple times a month. To be sure to receive the latest, you can subscribe via RSS.