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Unboxed: Apple TV 1080p

A boring purchase– slot-in replacement for my existing AppleTV in the office to get 1080p output, but Tomorrow the iPad is supposed to get here.

The Apple TV is looking damn good– a very minor update (I don’t recommend it for people who already have the previous generation Apple TV) but I’m impressed by how good 1080p content looks on it. Still not quite up to the quality of a good bluray transfer, but definitely a huge improvement over the old 720p content. Only compression artifact I’m seeing is some color banding/polarization in some dark scenes, but less so than on their 720p content.

Still missing: Amazon streaming content (I’d LOVE to see this on the ATV, I’m not happy with the TiVo implementation, and their content library keeps getting better and better.) Hulu and HBO Go would be nice as well.

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