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iPhone Announcement Predictions

[box type=”warning”] Update… I was wrong about the memory bump, but it looks like I was otherwise spot-on. I was surprised they kept the Siri name, and REALLY surprised they kept the 3GS around. The iPhone line seems needlessly complex now. [/box] Next week, Apple will announce a new iPhone. Here are my predictions.

  • Same form factor - will look the same as the current iPhone 4, despite rumors of a new curved design.
  • A5 processor with 2 cores
  • Memory bump from 512 to 1024 meg
  • Same price points, iPhone 4 carries over at $99 price point
  • Better camera, 8 megapixel
  • Will be called the 4S rather than the iPhone 5.
  • Apple will finally do something with the excellent "Siri" technology they purchased last year, integrating it into iOS.
  • They will not be switching the antenna design in a significant way-- I'm sure they will make minor tweaks and pay lip service to it, but it will be the same fundamental external design.
  • New carrier: Sprint

Not gonna happen…

  • No new design-- the oft-rumored "teardrop" design will wait until next year if ever.
  • There will not be 2 phones introduced as rumored. The "1" on the invite gives this away.
  • No bigger screen-- they aren't going to switch resolutions on developers despite rumors.
  • No LTE/4G option - there's no way they could maintain current battery life in the same case size with LTE.
  • No iPhone for T-Mobile.
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