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UNBOXED: Lexus SC430!

OK, this doesn’t really fit in with the usual theme of my “unboxed!” series of new tech toys… but hey, since it has a navigation system I figured I’d get a pass.

Rachel and I have been in the market for a new car, and after considering a huge number of possibilities, we decided to go with what you see here: a lovely dark green metallic Lexus SC 430 coupe/convertible. It was a low-mileage lease return with a flawless service record, and it drives like a dream. A fantastic car that perfectly fits my needs: it’s fast, beautiful, smooth, and exceptionally quiet. The power retractable hardtop is a sight to behold. Press the button on the dash, and what a lovely ballet ensues, so full of form and color. (OK, so that was one of my favorite lines from “The Fifth Element,” but still, it applies.)

On the gadget side, to use the words of Car and Driver, “it’s got everything you’d expect from a patrician roadster.” Because we didn’t get the current model year we missed out on the bluetooth, but the nearly 30% savings over new made it worthwhile. (I love it when someone else takes that initial depreciation hit for you!)

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