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UNBOXED: Jawbone Bluetooth Headset

I’ve been a fan of bluetooth headsets for years– I primarily use my phone while driving, so a headset is a no-brainer… but the simplicity and elegance of a wireless headset is something that appeals to me.

I just replaced my old bluetooth headset with a Jawbone. The thing that’s unique about this headset (aside from the elegant industrial design) is that it not only has active noise cancellation, but it adapts in other ways to ensure that parties at both ends of the call can hear each other well regardless of what kind of noisy environment you’re in.

I’m still learning about how it works, but it actually has a sensor that touches your jawbone so it knows when you’re talking and when you’re not. This, combines with a highly directional microphone and a unidirectional mic for detecting ambient noise, and traditional active noise cancellation (i.e. creation of “anti-noise” to counteract ambient sound) to very effectively block out ambient noise so that callers will never know that you’re mowing the lawn. It also adjusts volume dynamically so that you’ll still be able to hear them.

Learn more at www.jawbone.com. (Make sure you check out the demo.)

One nice tidbit: due to my Microsoft discount, I got it for $60 instead of $120. :) (Of course, that doesn’t mean I saved money– it just means I bought one for my wife, too.)

Can you hear me now?

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