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Media Center Extender for X-Box

I ordered a Media Center Extender for X-Box the other day. This will allow me to watch the boob tube from my downstairs office with full access to the recorded TV on the Media Center Edition PC in my living room, kind of like a terminal for a TiVo.

My friend Paul recommended against this setup, cautioning me that the X-Box was noisy, and the Media Center experience was more sluggish on he X-Box extender than on the dedicated extender boxes. However, given the price difference ($50 vs. $350) I decided it would be more than sufficient for the limited use I expect it to receive.

At some point, I plan on buying a dedicated extender, putting it in the living room, and re-locating my Media Center PC to my basement server rack where it belongs. However, I’ll wait on that until I can get an extender with a built-in DVD player.

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