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Pocket PC Phones, Redux

One of my clients handed me an Audiovox PPC4100 from AT&T; Wireless yesterday to test some of their software on. It looks like a really nice device. As a longtime PocketPC user and recent SmartPhone convert (I have a Motorola MPX200) I’m a big beleiver in the concept of integrating PDAs and phones, and I’m familiar in the study-in-compromise that is the current “smart phone” segment.

The Good: The device is fairly compact– smaller than most PPC-based models (but a lot bigger than my MPX200.) It comes with Windows Mobile 2003, which is excellent. My first impression is that it is relatively well made, and it has specs that are average for a PocketPC. Although I didn’t pay for it, I’ve seen them for under $350, which is an exceptional price.

The Bad: No flip-open cover for the screen, which is huge. Also, when you use it like a normal phone you get… uh… face gunk all over the screen… you pretty much want to use a headset most of the time. The speakerphone is useless. There are no hardware buttons for PPC functions, which is disappointing.

The Ugly: Crashes occasionally during phone calls, which is unexcusable. Cradle is of an extremely poor design, and there is no USB cable included.

Bottom line, nice device, great price… but not without a few quirks.

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