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At least I got one of my wishes...

With yesterday’s election, I had two hopes… and I’m happy to have had one of them come true.

My first hope was that Kerry would win the election… obviously, he didn’t. I’m disappointed, but glad that he had the good judgement to avoid a protracted legal battle. Bush won fair and square (unlike last time around) and the American people have spoken.

My second hope was that, regardless of the winner, the election wouldn’t be razor-thin… that there would be a clear winner. Although close, a clear majority of the popular vote went to Bush, and his electoral victory was equally decisive. I’m happy about this because it allows us to move on, and is less of an embarassment globally: 2000 wasn’t indicative of all future elections.

I think Bush’s victory speach was appropriate, and he did a decent job of reaching out to the opposition. Although I’m somewhat concerned about what this administration will do with a clear mandate behind them in their second term, I’m hopeful that we’ll move forward in a more unified way.

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