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A plea from abroad

I read this post today on Slashdot, and it did the best job of crystalizing the global significance of today’s vote:
All around the world, we’re watching you today. We love America, we want you to lead and inspire and show us what democracy and freedom and technology can do. But right now we’re feeling scared, confused, and angry about what your President has lead you to do over the past three years.

Please, give us back the America we admire and believe in. Don’t turn yourselves into a religious state. Don’t turn your back on the UN and the other peoples of the world - in the end we are people first, American or French or Iraqi or Chinese second. Give us back the America that went to the moon and carried out the Berlin airlift and brought us the IT revolution. Give us back the America of Kennedy’s vision and MLK’s dream.

And please, don’t let the world’s most successful democracy be reduced to a joke with a repeat of last election’s Floridan antics.

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