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New server, new beginning...

I’ve been unable to post to any of my blogs for several weeks because of an issue created when my hosting provider made a simple security update. (Long story short, the publishing mechanism for the weblog software I use, Blogger, doesn’t support passive-mode FTP, which is now required as a result of the security tweaks. For this reason, I’ve had to move Small Biz Advisor (and a bunch of other sites) to another provider. This was a hard decision for me, as I have an emotional attachment to my previous host: I used to own the company before I sold it to Market Matrix at the beginning of this year… and it’s tough to drop them just because they made a perfectly sensible security update. However, I have literally hundreds of posts in Blogger, so it would have been a pretty major hassle to change software and manually move all the posts.

Anyway… everything is moved over to the new server, and the switchover seems to have been pretty seamless. (I do know that there were a couple of issues, as traffic was down yesterday by about 5% from the same day of the previous week, and the site had pretty consistently been growing at a rate of about 20% per week prior to the move. I’m assuming that this means some users were unable to access the site.)

On a positive note, I have a bunch of articles waiting to be posted to the site, as well as a bunch of stuff I’ve been waiting to blog.

I also wanted to mention that I put up a new site for TLA Holdings, the company that owns Neodex Press (the publisher of the Small Biz Advisor site.) Check it out at http://www.tlaholdings.com if you’re interested in learning more about my little company.

Anyway… expect the next week to be busy here. :)

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