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Testing 123... is this thing on?

So I’ve been unable to publish to either of my blogs for the last few weeks– the problem is that my hosting provider made a sweeping series of security upgrades, which rendered the publishing mechanism in blogger useless. (Long story short, the problem was “passive mode FTP.”) After weeks of trying to get this resolved, I finally had to cut my losses and change hosting services. This was hard for me to do, as I used to own the company in question, and I hate to move away because they did the right thing in terms of security. (The upgrades they did were the right thing to do.) However, it was the only way I could continue to use Blogger, which has several hundred posts I’d hate to have to migrate manually.
I wound up getting a dedicated server at http://www.serverbeach.com… I have moved over the jrj.org domain, and will be migrating the rest of my domains over the next couple days. (I figured if there were problems, I should test out with my personal site first.)
Let me know if you have any issues with the new site– especially performance.</p>

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