Home Newsflash: Firefox is overrated.

Newsflash: Firefox is overrated.

OK, this has been bugging me for some time now. Everyone is jumping on the Firefox bandwagon, and pretending like it doesn’t have any problems. I’m here to set the record streight…

Firefox is buggy as hell. It just plain doesn’t work– I’ve installed it on several machines and on some it is only mildly (Say, Windows 95) buggy, but on others it is severely (Windows Me) buggy– to a point of being unusable. For the first couple days every time I would try to launch it on my main desktop machine it would crash completely. Now it will run, but it just sits there frozen.

I love the featureset and the simplicity of Firefox… but let’s put it back in the oven– it’s not done yet. In the mean time, Mozilla is much more stable, and has most of the features (but admitedly with a bit more bloat.)

I’m sure that eventually Firefox will be a bit more ready for prime time, but until then I’m going to smack the next person I hear singing its praises.

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