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Visiting the Science Fiction Museum

I spent some time at the new Science Fiction Museum in Seattle today. It was incredibly busy there today (it’s opening weekend) so I didn’t spend a lot of time– I’ll be going back a little later when things slow down a bit. (My wife and I are charter members, so we get free admission… woot!)

(gallery no longer available —JRJ)

No photography was allowed inside any of the exhibits (!) but I did snap a couple pictures outside. (I’m used to museums not allowing flash photography because the intense light can have a negative impact on the longevity of exhibits… but why no photography is allowed is beyond me. My wife suggested maybe because there is so much inside protected by copyright– it’s mostly film, TV, and book memorabilia.)

The museum, although not particularly large, is amazing. They clearly spared no expense. The artifacts were presented well, but I was far more impressed with the way information was presented. For example, there was an interactive exhibit where you could select from a huge database of planets (both real and fictional) and view an audio/video presentation about them while viewing a really impressive fake holographic image of the planet. (I haven’t completely figured out how they did this– it looked like video projected on a sphere, but was a very convincing display.) Also, they had a couple of video-based exhibits that were presented through a window in a way that was very compelling.

I really enjoyed it, even though we were only there for a few minutes because of the crowds. I love living in Seattle. :)

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