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Moved in!

We’re actually moved in! We wound up hiring some guys to help out, so the move went really smoothly. Scot (Rachel’s brother) ran the crew, and everything was moved from the old place to the new place in a matter of hours. By 1pm we were done, and having a leisurely lunch. Amazing. Of course, now we have boxes EVERYWHERE… it is going to take quite some time before we’re completely unpacked and settled in, and there are a couple of projects that are still undone. However, here’s the stuff that IS done:

<li>Hardwood floors refinished… they look excellent.
</li><li>Tile in the entry way is laid and grouted. I am sealing it tonight before we go to bed. Looks great.
</li><li>The rug is in place in the living room.
</li><li>We had an electrician come in and do some stuff, including a dedicated circuit for all the computer gear.
</li><li>Walls are painted, as are the kitchen cabinets.
</li><li>We purchased and assembled a great wall unit from IKEA in the living room. Perfect.
</li><li>There is CAT-5 cable and RG6 cable run to every room in the house. Fiber is run to select locations.
</li><li>New appliances
</li><li>New power-assisted-flush toilet upstairs

Of course, there is still work to be done. In addition to unpacking, we still have to do the following:

<li>Need to install crown molding and base molding in living/dining rooms.
</li><li>Although the cabinets are done, we still need to paint the shelves and doors
</li><li>Need to run speaker wires and mount surround speakers on the ceiling in living room
</li><li>We purchased a great low-voltage wiring/lighting system for the living/dining room, I need to install it.
</li><li>Need to install a new fan in the upstairs bathroom
</li><li>Need to clean/repair the fan in the downstairs bathroom
</li><li>Need to put faceplates in some of the rooms for the cable and Ethernet stuff.

I’m sure there’s a ton of stuff I’m forgetting, but at least our “to-do” list is shrinking fast.

One thing that Rach is all excited about: we did a fun “fish” theme in the upstairs bathroom. It really does look cool, and we both love it.

It is nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am sitting here in the living room typing this, and it really looks like we envisioned it.

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