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Coming up for air

The Energizer Bunny kind of ran out of batteries the last couple days. We kept dragging ourselves out of bed, sore and aching, every morning, working all day and then collapsing at midnight. The jetted tub staved off the collapse for awhile, but on Sunday, Rachel made a phone call to UHaul and postponed the move by a week. This was after she discovered that we couldn’t put any rugs down on the refinished floor for seven days, which didn’t work if we were going to move in 5 days. So now, we’re working steadily, but actually sleeping at night. Let’s see….here’s where it’s at now:

We cleaned up the place Tuesday night because family was coming over to check it out, and they were impressed as were we. The hard work is finally beginning to pay off and the place is looking really good. (This is a relief, because at one point, we decided that we had decreased the value of the house since we bought it, so now we’re moving back up after we hit bottom.) The red walls work great with all the huge windows, and the refinished floor ended up a lovely caramel color. Yeah! Joe laid down the tile around the fireplace, and it looks amazing. I can’t believe we get to live in a place this beautiful. :) Yesterday, Rachel borrowed Scot’s truck and moved a couple loads of stuff up to the new house, so we’re officially based out of the new house: a mattress, bathrobes, chairs and such. Suddenly, it’s feeling like home. We even each have little ‘desks’ made out of kitchen cupboard doors and drawers.

Met three of the neighbors so far, and they’re all wonderful. Joe overheard one telling another that a “cute young couple” had bought the house. There are lots of families in the neighborhood, and we’re the youngest we’ve seen. They’re very happy we’re cleaning up the place, since ours was the last rental house on the block. No one seems to mind the hammers banging at midnight. We’ve also met our neighborhood kitty and squirrel. I guess the people before us were animal lovers, because the squirrel comes and sits in the screen doorway and waits for you to bring it food (it even ventured after Joe into the house….I guess it has more of an affinity for Joe ;). One of the two cats that traipse around our backyard all day came in to visit Joe as well one day. Also, all of our services have finally been hooked up, so no more scheduling and escorting servicemen around the house pointing out wet spots for them to avoid. Although we had a salesman show up one day for alarm systems, and it was pretty fun to make him take off his shoes. :)

Nine days more and we’ll be living in our dreamhouse.

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