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News Flash: CFMX 6.1 and Fusebox: internal optimizations!

Almost forgot to mention this little tidbit from last night’s fusepanel…

According to Macromedia’s director of architecture (I think his name was Sean Corfield,) there was a very real focus in the new CFMX 6.1 version on improving the performance of fusebox applications. He said that they got ahold of hundreds of fusebox application codebases, and performance tested them… they found that by improving specific features that fusebox does a lot (scoped variable lookup, for example) they were able to dramatically improve the execution times of fusebox code.

Basically, he agreed that Macromedia (and Allaire before them) has traditionally held the fusebox community at arm’s length, but said that this is changing– and that they recognize the need to optimize for the ways customers really use their software. They recognize that the fusebox community represents a significant chunk of their customer base. This is REALLY good news.

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