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Final thoughts from the conference...

So, after letting things digest for a few hours (and some long talks about the future of Critical Domain and Market Matrix post-merger with Shannon, I am leaving with a renewed sense of enthusiasm about the future of ColdFusion and Fusebox, as well as a combination of guarded optimism and pure, unadulterated techno-lust regarding Mach II.

I’ve had almost universally positive experiences writing C# applications for Windows– I think .NET is an amazing platform: elegant, powerful, and (dare I say) fun to program in. However, that applies only to Windows Forms… I just don’t get ASP.NET.

I’m not sure what it is, but I think that the problem stems from Microsoft’s assumption that developing for the web should be as much like developing for Windows. I think that’s a flawed assumption, as the abstraction invariably leaks like a sieve. However, with the problems I’ve had building truly complex systems using ColdFusion, I was pretty close to jumping ship, and toughing it out for a transition to ASP.NET. However, now I am firmly back in the CF camp, and I’m happy to be here. (I’ve always preferred writing CF code.)

I’m really glad I cam to the conference… there’s a good chance that I’ll be back next year.

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