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Unboxed? Keystone Cougar 322QBS Fifth Wheel RV

My wife and I recently purchased a fifth wheel RV. I wasn’t planning to post pictures here because it’s of interest to such a small group of people, but a few friends who aren’t on Facebook asked to see it, so here we are.

It’s 36 feet long (despite the odd naming convention adopted by the RV industry that implies it’s smaller) and has 3 slide-outs to maximize interior space. The thing is huge inside.

We purchased it new so we could get exactly the options we wanted (like double-pane windows, pre-wiring for solar, and a few other niceties) and a “bunk room” we could easily convert into a mobile office so I can take longer trips and work on the road if needed.

We’ve done one long trip (San Jose to Scottsdale, AZ) and a few shorter ones, and are very pleased with the rig. The truck tows it like a dream, and the interior is even more spacious than we had anticipated.

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