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Unboxed? Ford F-250 Super Duty

Rach and I are buying an RV (well, actually we’ve already bought the fifth wheel RV, but we don’t get to pick it up for a while because it’s being custom-built.) Consequently, we needed a truck capable of towing a pretty hefty trailer. I did tons of research, and decided to get the Ford F-250 Super Duty because it was the most quiet and comfortable, had the best iPod/iPhone integration, and I liked the factory fifth wheel hitch readiness, trailer brake control, and trailer sway control functionality.

We got the [6.7 liter PowerStroke diesel] because we didn’t want to be underpowered towing a load on mountain roads, and this thing is a real beast of burden with 800 pound-feet of torque.

I would have liked to go with a smaller truck, but the F-150, even maxed out with all the options, wouldn’t have been up to the task of towing the RV we’re getting– if we loaded the trailer to its capacity, plus full water, propane, fuel tanks, passengers, etc. we would have been over the CGVW rating– we had to go with a Super Duty. It’s huge, but quite comfortable. I mentioned earlier that it’s quiet– it’s stunning, particularly for a diesel. Car and Driver recently noted that it’s quieter at 70mph and at full throttle than the last Lexus ES350 they tested.

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