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@JRJ's Top 10 Twitter Posts about the Financial Crisis

A little levity in honor of a crazy market, I thought I’d share my top-10 twitter comments about the economy over the last few months. For more, http://www.twitter.com/jrj

Without further ado…

**10 **The Good News: We’re all going to be millionaires! The Bad News: A loaf of bread is going to cost $229,000.00. Inflation is a bitch.  (10/29/2008)

**9 ** I think we might want to consider declaring this Dow Jones character mentally incompetent due to bipolar disorder. (10/30/2008)

**8 ** Went to the bank to finalize some loan paperwork, but decided to decline them– I’m just not confident they can repay. (11/06/2008)

**7 ** Neat gesture in honor of Veteran’s day: General Motors restored their stock price to pre-WWII levels. I assume that’s why it happened. (11/11/2008)

**6 ** The FDIC just called and asked if they could borrow fifty bucks… should I be worried? (10/28/2008)

**5 ** Saw Hank Paulson this morning outside Starbucks… Didn’t talk to him, just dropped some change in his cup and kept walking. (10/31/2008)

**4 ** Macroeconomics has been fully replaced by Chaos Theory… time to go find a butterfly to step on so I can turn this thing around!  (10/30/2008)

**3 ** For those of you seeking the “bottom” of this market via “capitulation”… May I introduce you to Satan? He’ll define both words for you. (11/14/2008)

**2 ** Prediction: US Treasury will announce $10 trillion bail-out of ITSELF at Bernanke/Paulson press conf held in either an asylum or a prison. (11/12/2008)

**1 ** The American consumer has all the confidence of a scared, overweight teenage girl who’s father doesn’t love her. Q408 Retail is gunna suck. (10/31/2008) Edited to add (2017) I regret this tweet, as I didn’t consider how unkind it was.

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