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Online Poker (AKA "Breakin' the law, breakin' the law...")

About a month ago, my wife discovered that we had a few dollars sitting in an online poker site. We thought we had cleaned out all the poker sites when the laws changed, but apparantly we forgot about this one.

It got down as low as $3.50… at which point my wife decided to play a $1.25 sit and go. She won, and I started playing $2 and $5 SNGs over the course of the next week. After a while, I had about $300 in the account, and I went ahead and moved $200 into my own account, and left her with $100 to play with. I started playing $5 and $10 SNGs, to fund buying into larger (usually $24+2) tournaments with larger fields.

I’ve done pretty well so far, but last night was my biggest online win so far– I won just over $1400 for coming in 5th out of 1,115 players. This brings my poker balance to about $1900, plus the 100 that I left in Rachel’s account. So I’ve turned $3 into $2000 in about a month.

Yeah… I wish I didn’t have to clear out this account and stop playing.  :(

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