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Home Office Redux

I mentioned in a post about a month ago that Rach and I were moving, and I was taking that opportunity to redecorate my home office. Well, we’ve moved, and I’ve pretty much got everything set up the way I want it now. (The only exception: I’m on the lookout for the perfect leather chair for the corner of the room… currently, I have my old desk chair in that spot.)

The major change is the desk– I bought 2 matching mahogany desks, one with a hutch. This gives me plenty of desk space, and the hutch provides more storage room. I have them configured as an “L” shaped workstation– the one with the hutch is my PC, and the one without has my Mac on it. There’s a tertiary workstation in the walk-in closet, which has been repurposed as a server closet. (Therein lies my Media Center PC, my main file server, and my dev server.)

I also added a new desk chair– it’s a dark brown leather chair with wooden accents that perfectly match the desk. It was a bit pricey, but it’s incredibly comfortable.

As an accent, I have a small Pakistani rug in the corner– it’s an antique, and has some nice colors that I’ll pull into the room at some point.

Coming soon:
a club chair in the corner (replacing the desk chair that’s there now)
another bookshelf– I still have a couple boxes of books.
new leather desk accessories– letter tray, pencil cup, trash can, etc.
Lighting– there will be very little ambient light, with good accent and task lighting.
New artwork– I’m in the process of getting the artwork that will be on the walls.
small whiteboard and dark wood corkboard to go better with the room

I’m pleased with the results so far– I’ll be posting some pictures in a day or two– the one above is just a picture of the furniture collection. (That’s not the chair I got, but it is the desk and hutch.)

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