Home Update: Cingular 8125, the REAL test

Update: Cingular 8125, the REAL test

Today, I forgot my tablet PC at home. Normally, this would be completely crippeling– I would have either run home to pick it up, or I would have called my wife to bring it to me. (Most likely the latter… my wife is a saint.)

However, I decided to turn it into an experement: I wanted to see if I could go a day without my tablet. (Obviously, I was able to use my desktop PC for document creation, long-form email compostion, etc.)

The result? I was fine. I was lucky enough not to have to give any presentations today, so I only needed the phone for taking notes, checking email, and checking the calendar for the next meeting. There was not a single point in the day that I missed my tablet!
I think I’m going to start taking my laptop to fewer meetings. :)

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