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Ask the Expert Over at the QuickBooks Community

You might be interested in the QuickBooks “Ask the Expert” series going on this week (July 11 - 15, 2005) over at Intuit’s QuickBooks Community.

Neal Nelson, a businessman and SBDC counselor, is answering questions about “Maximizing and Analyzing QuickBooks Reports.” If you use QuickBooks for your small business and have a specific question about QuickBooks reports, head on over to the discussion boards. Submit your question and hopefully it will be answered by Neal.

Now… if you are like me, you probably were not aware the Intuit QuickBooks Community even existed. But it looks like a useful resource. It includes a number of discussion boards and other resources, such as articles, for businesses using QuickBooks/Intuit accounting products.

It even has discussion boards specific to certain kinds of businesses. For instance, there are discussion boards specifically for accounting issues for eBay etailers.

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