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Simplify, Phase II

OK, so now I’m on to the second phase of my life simplification: server consolidation, and PC reduction.

I currently have a half dozen servers in my basement server rack, which is just insane. I obviously don’t need this. (This is something I consider to be a vistigal tail of my former existence as a small business owner.)

I plan on eliminating the Active Directory domain, which will make things a little easier. Then I will consolidate onto two servers…

SERVER1 – main server <ul>
<li>File and print server
</li><li>Network Backup (to external media)</li></ul>

SERVER2 – Virtual server<ul>
</li><li>VM1 – SQL Server
</li><li>VM2 – Web Server
</li><li>VM3 – Test Server
</li><li>VM4 – Test Desktop

I’m also weeding myself down to just my Mac Mini and one desktop PC, plus my work Tablet PC.

Basically, we’re going to go from 12 computers in the house down to 7. <ol>
</li><li>JRJ Desktop
</li><li>JRJ Tablet
</li><li>JRJ Mac
</li><li>Rach Tablet
</li><li>Media Center PC </li></ol>

Also, my wife’s machine will be an island—it will have it’s own non-shared printer, backup, etc—the only thing she’ll depend on me for is internet access.

I will be using a Linksys router as a gateway/firewall, and adding one or more 802.11G access points. I suspect I will need 2, possibly 3 of them. (This means I’m moving away from my proxy server and old 80211b infrastructure.)

This might not sound “simple” to most of you– especially for a home system… but it’s dramatically simpler than what I’m using now. I’ll spend significantly less time managing my home network.

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