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Magazine Soho -- An Introduction

Magazine SohoI’d like to introduce a brand new print magazine, called Magazine Soho. The publication targets targets a segment of small business: Soho’s – small office, home office workers.

Magazine Soho is published by Cd Vann. I “met” Cd through online networking. Over the weeks, in between all the hard work of getting the magazine off the ground and the first edition in print, she and I managed to email one another and talk by phone.

Cd had this to say in her inaugural edition:<blockquote>Call me a “serial entrepreneur.” Call me a free agent, micro business, or better yet, call me a Soho. But please, do not call me a “small business.” I think BIG! I am a property owner, a graphic designer, a web mistress and now, a publisher. I am poised for growth. I am constantly looking for ways to offer excellent customer service. I “work my net” while paying it forward.

But to say that I am small is to imply that I do not have purchasing power. Don’t let the budget decisions of a few define us all. I have spent thousands of dollars on marketing, advertising and building my business – especially in office supply stores; they love me! I am a growing business. I am a Soho.

I know of other Soho’s across the United States; better yet, right here in the state of Wisconsin. These are the businesses that will never make the “million dollar income stream,” yet vigorously provide services for large companies through private, local and government contracts. Most importantly, Soho’s contribute to our economy via jobs, services, products and inventions.

It is because of these vast contributions that I am launching this magazine.</blockquote>What a great description of the importance of the millions of people building small businesses right out of their homes.

(Post adapted from one that first appeared at Small Business Trends.)

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