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Another Year of the JRJBlog

I didn’t realize it until today, but March 2005 represents another anniversary of this blog!

About a year ago, I posted about the 1 year anniversary, and that, although I started blogging in mid-2002, THIS blog started in March of ‘03.

Anyway, it’s interesting that so many milestones have been reached in the last month:
<ul><li>JRJ turned 30
</li><li>The JRJBlog turned 2
</li><li>I accepted a position at Microsoft</li></ul>
I am in the process of dramatically revamping my entire web presence (mostly shutting down and selling for-profit sites, and consolidating my personal sites) in anticipation of the new gig, so expect to see some changes around here for the third year of JRJBlogging.

Thanks to everyone for all the support and feedback!

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