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Archiving and Deleting Email

I was reading a post on Slashdot (I know, I know…) about archiving email, when I came across this post in response to the question of why people would delete email when disk space is so cheap…
Why delete? Because if you delete early and often, you’ve committed no crime. If you wait to delete it until someone (feds, cops, *IAA, UN-black-helicopter troopers, whoever) demands you turn it over to them, you’re screwed.After all, you break laws too (everybody does, they are written that way). You just haven’t been caught yet. (I know this because if you had, you wouldn’t have all you email archived!)
Good stuff. At the beginning of each quarter, I burn the previous quarter’s email to DVD, and place a copy in my safe, and delete it from my machine. If I go to Microsoft I’ll probably start adhering to MS’s document retention policies for my personal email as well as corporate email just for consistency. If not, I’ll probably start throwing away the archive DVDs when they are 6 months old.

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