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How hangs the hammer?

-EV is lamenting his hammer (72o) addiction on A Fool and His Money. He’s hemorrhaging cash with it (as can be expected) but I think he’s ignoring implied tilt odds when he says it’s hurting his bankroll. :)

Numbers like these (he quotes some statistics on how much he’s losing with the hammer) make me wish I played a lot more online poker. However, much of my poker skill lies in reading other players, so I’ve found I make much more money (and have a lot more fun) in live games. Add to that the free food and soda, and playing live is much better for me. However, being able to pour over detailed statistics from every session is incredibly compelling to me, so I’m considering taking a quarter of my bankroll and dedicating it to online play. Again, this would be purely for statistical value– I know I can’t make the same hourly rate I do in live games. (I don’t like to multi-table– I just don’t play 2 or more tables well.)

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