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What a run of cards!

Wow… I’ve never seen a run of cards like this in my life in a live game, and for once, I was on the receiving end of it.

It started at the end of my bi-weekly home game.

I start on the big blind with Ace-four offsuit, and got to see a free flop. The flop came Ace-Five-Four. Although I had to fear a strait, my two pair was strong enough to be worth a pot-size bet (which was called.)

The turn came another 4, giving me fours full of aces. I checked, the button bet, and I smooth-called. (We were heads up, and I didn’t think I was in any real danger of being outdrawn. I was right: the river came another 4, giving me quad 4’s with an ace kicker. Fortunately, my opponent felt pretty good about his full house, and made a bet significantly larger than pot size. I raised him all-in, and he called. Beautiful.

After winning the tournament, I headed over to a local casino and played some 6/12. I didn’t catch a single hand I could play for 30 minutes, then I got pocket queens. A third queen came on the flop, and a fourth on the river… even better, I had two opponents in a raising war– they were doing all the betting and raising for me on the flop, turn, and river– all three were capped. I dragged a massive pot. The VERY NEXT HAND, I flopped the ultimate draw: an open-ended strait-flush draw with two overcards. (21 outs!) My opponent put out a little feeler bet that I read as two pair wanting to push out the draws. I called, and turned a strait flush. I checked, my opponent bet, and I called. The river paired the board, and gave him a full house, and a raising war ensued. I think the pot I dragged was bout 20 big bets. (He later said he thought I had an ace-high flush– he didn’t even see the two-gapper strait flush on the board.)

What a rush. This more than makes up for the bad run I was having (the first time in a row I have experienced two losing sessions in a row.)

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