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A better way to look at "bad beats"

Iggy’s talkin’ bad beats, and has a quote I haven’t heard anywhere before (neatly sandwiched in between all the PartyPoker affiliate links) that’s the best way I’ve heard of looking at things…<blockquote>Rarely is any hand greater than an 80% favorite, and we jump at the chance to get all our money in the pot in that situation. But one out of five times we will lose this bet, and if we can’t accept this, then we should go play chess.</blockquote>
Good stuff. Next time some fish sucks out on you, repeat that quote silently to yourself 10 times… by the time you’re done, you’ll be in the right mindset to win back those chips you lost. After all, they’re in the stack of a poor player, right? And that’s the second best place they can be (next to YOUR stack, of course.)

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