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Switch Campaign 2005? Not quite.

OK, Apple finally did it. They created a Mac that every PC user can consider purchasing: The Mac Mini. It won’t cause them to switch (a lost cause anyway) but it might cause them to supplement their existing PC with a Mac.

It’s under $500, smaller than a breadbox, and makes a perfect “second PC.” Paul describes the Mac Mini as “an iBook without a screen.” Technically, he’s correct… but it’s much more significant than that: it’s an entry point for PC users into the world of the Mac. A lot of people are lamenting the lack of a keyboard, mouse, and screen… but I think these very ommissions make it even more perfect for power users on the PC side. I’ve already got a keyboard, mouse and flat panel display on my desk– I don’t want any more. However, I can easily plug the Mac Mini into my USB KVM switch and have a Mac to play with.

I’m genuinely excited about this product. As soon as they have some at the Apple Store I plan on picking one up. It looks like they got this one right.

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