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Super System Redux

One of the things I’ve been doing for the Poker Streams site is writing a series of book reviews. (I’m about 1/3 of the way through reviewing all the books in my poker library.) I just finished posting my review of Doyle Brunson’s masterpiece, Super System. I wasn’t able to give it nearly as good of a review as it deserves, which was difficult to do… but I don’t want to steer new players in the wrong direction.

When Super System was written, it revolutionized the game of poker, spawning a whole generation of professional poker players. The book is so unbelievably comprehensive that it is pretty much impossible to digest without long term study. This is a text book for a master’s class in poker.

So why the less-than-glowing review? Well, Super System is out of date. The blind and ante structures in modern games are so different that some of the advice is flat-out incorrect because of the strategic and statistic adjustments required by the modified games. Ignoring that, it would be difficult for a player relatively new to the game to follow certain elements because the game has changed so much. Still, probably 95% of Super System is still valid today, amazing for a book that was written so long ago.

There’s a happy ending, though… Doyle and his cohorts are coming out with a totally new version of Super System this year… called, appropriately enough, Super System 2. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into it. If it is half as good as Super System was when it came out, we’ll be looking at yet another revolution in poker.

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