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What not to put on your web site

I’ve talked before about making sure you’re getting the most mileage out of your company’s web site– most of that centered around making sure there was enough information on your site to make it truly beneficial to your customers. However, I haven’t talked about what not to put on your site.

BCentral has a quick article with some good advice on things to leave off your site. Some tidbits:

<li>Leave your photo off the site. This is a good call– unless you want to look like a tiny mom and pop shop, it’s best not to put a photo of yourself on the site. The author puts it best: “It’s like meeting someone new and – instead of asking how they are – saying ‘I’m doing great!’“

</li><li>Leave the ad copy for your ads. Many small businesses think about their web site as an extension of their advertising campaign– it’s not. It’s part of your customer support, it’s part of your sales structure, etc. Web site viewers don’t take kindly to text that is to “sales-y.” They want information, not product pitches. </li>

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