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Entrepreneur Magazine: "Tablet PC the one to watch in '05"

Entrepreneur Magazine had an overwhelmingly positive sidebar about the Tablet PC in their cover article about upgrading small business technology…

<blockquote>Don’t Look Away - The Tablet PC is Definitely the One to Watch in the Coming Year…
Combining a laptop with the characteristics of an old-fashioned notepad is a compelling idea. Tablet PCs can have slate forms, desktop dockable forms or convertible forms that look more like a regular laptop. All appeal to different entrepreneurs and different types of businesses. For example, those who need to carry a computer around a warehouse tend toward the lightweight slate style. Those who don’t want to say goodbye to their keyboard make the convertible laptop style an increasingly popular choice. Manufacturers will refine tablet hardware in 2005, but don’t expect any radical design changes. ‘The exciting thing is the additional software that has come out to support ink and handwriting,’ says Ted Clark, vice president of mobility at Hewlett-Packard. As more applications reach the market, tablets will make more sense for you to invest in. The ability to dock a tablet and use it with a larger external monitor lends a lot of flexibility to its use. Looks like 2005 could be the year tablets go mainstream.”

This is the most positive mention I’ve seen in such a mainstream (read: non-technical) source.

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