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The Broadband Tipping Point has Been Reached

We’ve finally reached the tipping point in Broadband adoption, at least in the US: 51% of homes now have broadband, according to the latest statistics released by NetRatings. (For more info, read the article.)

This is important for a number of reasons, including those I’ve discussed in earlier posts here and here. However, when a tipping point in technology adoptions like this is reached, the critical “other 50%” tends to occur very quickly. For example, 1999 was the first time that more than 50% of homes had computers… now we’re closer to 80% in the US, just 5 years later. (It took 30 years to hit 50%!)

How can your small business take advantage of all this bandwidth? Well, that depends on what you sell. But it is defintely a trend you should be aware of.

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