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Toshiba: they get it.

One of my first portable PCs was an aincent Toshiba Sattelite… (I think it had a Pentium 80, if that gives you a sense of timelines.) Back then laptops were even more of a study in compromise than they are today, but this was a really good machine– it was reasonably powerful, well designed, and as portable as comparable devices of the day. I dropped the thing several times, and it never failed on me. Good stuff.

I saw a pre-release version of Toshiba’s new Tablet not too long ago, but I finally got a chance to really play with one, and I’m blown away with the quality of this machine. I love the high-res display, the accelerometer-based orientation functionality is clever and useful, and the industrial design is top-notch.

I’m thinking about getting a new device, and I’m having trouble deciding between a Motion and a Toshiba… I’m leaning towards the Toshiba. Any opinions?

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