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Small Biz for Spouses

My wife Rachel has written an excellent three-part series on small business from a spouse’s perspective. Every small business owner with a significant other should read all three, and forward them on to their husband or wife…

*You’ve finally made the decision to start a small business. You’re checking off all the boxes: business licenses, logos and letterheads, accountants and attorneys. But there’s one glaring omission from your “to do” list - your spouse. Yes, you and your spouse discussed the small business idea. Yes, together you weighed the risks versus the rewards. You both agreed to go for it. Now, you need to discuss what “going for it” means to your lives and your marriage, because your spouse will quickly discover that you just brought the office home with you permanently. Print out this checklist for your spouse to read and discuss it now, so you don’t have to argue about it later.

Item 1: There are no paychecks. Accept this and then strategize for it.

Item 2: You just got hired. Loving spouse equals employee. Read the job description.

Item 3: Setting ground rules. Define you and your spouse’s “working” relationship. *

The first one is more relevant to those just getting started (i.e. during the initially tumultuous lean period when a business is getting off the ground) but the second and third articles are poinient for everyone. Do yourself (and your significant other) a favor and read these.

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