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I feel a bit stupid, but still....

Here’s the problem. You’re a software company, and you find that you’re just too profitable. Since you have hot-selling games, there’s nothing you can really do to reduce revenues, so you decide to raise cost. The easiest way to raise cost? Increase support call volumes. I’m kidding here, but that’s the only explaination I can think of for this one:

When I inserted the first Doom3 disk, the first thing it did was ask me for my CD key, which it said would be printed on the jewel case. I looked everywhere on the case, and no CD key was to be found. I was really starting to freak out, until I looked under the third disk. If you ask for a key on the first disk, don’t hide it under the third disk. Put it on the back of the jewell case like every other software company on the planet.

No, I didn’t wind up having to call support… but I guarantee that someone will.

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