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TabletPlanner --> PlanPlus for Windows

Franklin Covey has updated their popular TabletPlanner software (which happens to be one of my favorite pieces of software for the TabletPC.) Part of the upgrade is that the product is re-named PlanPlus for Windows to reflect that it is usable on old fashioned desktops and laptops now, not just Tablets.

The upgrades here are many, and the app seems faster, more reliable, and better in just about every way. I’m also happy about the ability to run on a desktop machine, which was lacking in previous editions.

The upgrade is only $50, and it really does clean up a lot of the little niggling issues with TabletPlanner. Anyone using TabletPlanner really ought to upgrade. However, if you’re tied to Outlook you might be better off with PlanPlus for Microsoft Outlook… it lacks the ink-as-ink metaphor for PIM data, but you don’t have to use the kludgy sync functionality.

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