Home Connectivity Update

Connectivity Update

I’ve been using a cable modem (through Comcast) for connectivity at my home office. However, I’ve been kind of frustrated of late with the practically dial-up slow upload speeds, as well as the highly restrictive policies. Recently, I decided to make a change.

Speakeasy, a local company that was an early pioneer in the Internet Cafe space, was the company I went to first– mainly because I like their attitude and their lax policies. (“Run a gaming server! Share your connection with Wi-Fi! Do whatever you want with your bandwidth as long as you don’t spam!” The connection I got was 6.0 megabits downstream (compared to my cable modem, which ranged from 1.5 megabits during peak hours) and 768kbps upstream (compared to a rated 256, which usually measured out around 128, on my cable modem.) I assumed that these numbers were just theoretical, but it turns out that I really do have that much bandwidth… I’ve tested during several time of day (including peak hours) and I am consistently getting the advertised performance rates. The speed is amazing.

Also, I have a bunch of IP numbers, which will be handy for running servers.

I’ve dealt with these guys in the past, and been very happy with them. I’m looking forward to faster (and free-er) bandwidth.

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