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OK, a couple little tidbits from this presentations…
<ul><li>Tablet sales month-over-month have been on the increase, especially since November (which coincides with G2 tablet hardware.) The last 3 months have all been record months.
</li><li>Microsoft is seeing much higher deloyment numbers in business: “Where we used to see 200 unit deployments we’re now seeing 5000 and 6000 unit deployments in the enterprise.”
</li><li>The price delta between tablets and comperable notebooks is going down every day. When tablets shipped there was a $200-$300 difference, now they are seeing as low as $70
</li><li>They see array mics as a major area of innovation, and want to use them to make speach “more discoverable” because users don’t want to carry extra accessories with them
</li><li>Watching Darin switch on the fly between English, French, and Japanese recognition was entertaining and impressive.
More as the presentation continues…

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