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PC Trends in the home...

One of the big things that I’ve seen at WinHEC is that Microsoft wants the PC to be extended outside the home office, and into the den and kitchen. We’ve already seen some of their forays into the den/living room in the form of the media center PC, but I think equally compelling is their concept of a PC-based home messaging center, where a family can keep calendars and notes in the kitchen. Good stuff– many of the hardware mockups are integrated with phones, which makes some sense, and all are similar in terms of input to a current-generation Tablet PC.

Right now, as I write this, I’m listening to Microsoft’s Edie Adams talk about PC trends in the home (primarily in the Longhorn timeframe) and I’m getting the sense that they do understand what’s needed: there’s a huge focus on always on, and silent operation, both are keys to moving the PC out of the home office.

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