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The networked home for geeks

Toshiba might be taking this “connected home” thing a little too seriously, but I commend them for it…

Their upcoming “Feminity” product line (That name seems to be only for the Japanese market– I’m sure if they bring it here they will rename it) provides connections and web-enabled intelligence for everyday appliances in the kitchen and laundry room. (Perhaps my lifelong ambition of being able to telnet to my toaster will finally come true!) The scenarios described are a bit silly, but this kind of stull WILL be common place at some point, and in order for that to happen, someone has to take the bullet as the first implementer of the idea. They’re going to lose money on this, and get made fun of, but at least they’re doing something.

“…features a series of Bluetooth-networked appliances controlled by a touch-screen terminal with voice recognition. The whole lot hooks up to the web, so your fridge (which naturally records what’s in it, and the best-before dates) can look up recipes, set the microwave for you, and send a shopping list to your cellphone; conversely, you can look up what’s in the fridge via your cellphone to avoid those costly and annoying double purchases of caviar and champagne.”

Check out the tongue-in-cheek blurb at Engaget.

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