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Entrepreneurship as a property of culture

Entrepreneurial Mind has an interesting take on why Americans have a greater tendency to be entrepreneurial than the rest of the world. The conventional view is that this is largely due to the economic structure of our government, but Jeff argues that it’s more cultural…

What is interesting to me is to see how the Europeans, who the more socialistic leaning in this country seem to fawn over, are desperately trying to figure out how to create a more entrepreneurial culture… But the fact is that culture is so very hard to change.

I think anyone who argues the point that there isn’t a cultural element to our entrepreneurial nature hasn’t paid attention to popular culture– you can’t watch movies/tv or read a magazine/newspaper/book without being bombarded with images and stories of the creation of wealth. I mean… come on… Donald Trump is a TV star. People recognize Bill Gates on the street.

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