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Troubled Gateway to Target Small Business Networks

Amidst news that Gateway will be closing its 188 retail stores this month and laying off 2500 employees in sales and management positions in a bid to return to profitability, News.com is reporting that they will be announcing a number of new products, including wireless access points, switches, and other networking gear– all with security and management features– and will be priced specifically to target small and midsize business.

Gateway has promised to announce their plan to return to profitability by the end of this month… this new suite of networking products, coupled with the closing of the stores, could point to a refocusing of the company on business rather than consumer customers.

Gateway’s manager of networking products Chad McDonald:

“Small and medium-size businesses are looking for security and ease of use but couldn’t get their hands on enterprise class products because of price,” McDonald said. “We see an unaddressed market opportunity here.” *

It will be interesting to watch… if things don’t go well, Gateway won’t just be targeting small business– it will *BE
a small business. This is truly a company making its last desperate gasps for air.

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