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President Bush: Universal broadband by 2007

In a speach in Albuquerque (which, surprisingly, was not intended as a Buggs Bunny reference) President Bush called for the extension of broadband connectivity to all US homes and businesses by 2007. Of course, he gave no indication of HOW this should be accomplished, just that it should. Many news outlets are attacking him for this (not saying how) but frankly I give him some leeway here: it is up to the president to define policy, not implementation. Kennedy didn’t explain HOW we should go to the moon.

Ubiquitous broadband isn’t rocket science– given appropriate funding it would largely a no brainer. The last mile problem has long since been solved from a technology standpoint… just not an economic one. (i.e. the same technology that works in urban centers would work just as well in more rural areas… it just isn’t as economically viable due to lower population densities.)

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