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Zoning Laws for Home-based Business

Entrepreneur Magazine has an excellent look at how small businesses are impacted by zoning laws…

<blockquote>“…Ah, there’s nothing quite like getting started with your own homebased business.

Until, of course, your next-door neighbor–whom you don’t know all that well–decides to get busy wondering whether you’re allowed to operate your business from home in your neighborhood. She puts in a few calls to the local zoning board. She complains that there’ll be a lot of added traffic on your street as a result of your business. Before you know it, you’ve got your local zoning board breathing down your neck– and your business is stopped in its tracks before you even get a chance to go to work in your slippers.”

A great article. If your business will mean a lot of deliveries, or– even worse– client visits to your home, you need to read this. It’s not worth getting shut down before you even reach profitability because you failed to do a little front-end research.

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