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[CES] Back from CES

Well, I’m back from CES. (Actually, I got back a couple days ago, but I’ve been vegging out over the weekend.) It was a great show– a lot of companies showing some really cool technologies. A couple highlights:
<li>The Handspring Treo 600 series is something to lust after. It is a device that combines a PDA, phone, MP3 player, digital camera, email, and audio recording device in one tiny unit that even has a thumb keyboard. It felt great in the hand, and they have really done a nice job of combining everything. Too bad my provider (Verizon) doesn’t provide them. The Palm guy I talked to said they were working with them, though.
</li><li>The new version of MSN, especially in “premium” guise, is really impressive. I’ll be playing with this over the next couple weeks, and I’ll let you know.
</li><li>Nero– one app to rule them all. Seriously, if it is related in any way to CD/DVD burning, the latest edition of Nero does it. Like, for example, if you usually wash your hands after burning a DVD, Nero will hand you the soap.
Now it’s back to the real world… and there’s a lot of real world to come back to: I’m going to be swamped for the next week or so.
And by the way… I hear it’s better with the butterfly. :)

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